TheHi Co., Ltd.


TheHi Bebedang Co., Ltd. manufactures, distributes and
sells organic rice-based baby food and organic rice sweets.
Organic processed food manufacturer.

Bebedang Organic Rice Sweets are selected using only
100% organic rice and fresh ingredients from nature
such as organic, eco-friendly fruits and vegetables.

It is also a healthy nutritious snack that can be eaten
safely by pregnant women and babies as well as
the whole family without frying in oil.

Bebedang’s production facilities and all food ingredients are
hygienically managed through a thorough diagnosis by the Sesco company.
All the produce is washed more than three times to use to
create a healthy food to feed my child.


Bebedang is growing with pride in putting safety first,
manufacturing honestly and keeping our promises with customers.
The purpose of the Bebedang is to become a leader in children’s
safe food and to support more disabled people and create jobs.


We bring delicious pleasure to the dining table of the world.

K-Food combines local food with Korean food to globalize Korean flavors, We want to share a healthy and convenient lifestyle.

Green BIO technology innovation opens up a
global environment

Technologies that get from nature and return to nature,
Healthy Earth This is what CJ CheilJedang thinks
It is the philosophy of BIO business.

Create a world that grows with a global community

In order to realize a society where we can do the best and live together in areas where we can do the best, we are implementing social contribution activities with the goal of ‘promoting people’s healthy eating,’ ‘preserving the environment’s environmental ecosystem’ and ‘realizing youth dreams’. .

CEO Greeting

I started for the first time for a snack for my child.
I tried my best to make a snack from the basics, believing that
it would be good for other children if it was a snack for my baby.
Bebedang, who started with one heart for my child in a world
where the stimulus is familiar, will protect their health.

TheHi Corp. co., 
CEO Jung Ki Kim


Company Introduction