Bebedang story

Start of taste research institute

We are delighted with the smallest details.
Bebe Dang’s efforts to protect the happiness of eating among the trivial happiness that melts in everyday life
For a happy taste every day and safe food
Start with your child’s first meal and become your favorite
Constantly worry and research to develop products

Bebedang's 2 promises

1. Gift Happiness!

As well as the happiness of taste
Can lead to the five senses
Make food
We present first happiness of child.

2. Share your worries!

For the world without worry about children’s food
Using ingredients from nature, not irritating food
To wake up our first taste cell
We will try to make a product.


It’s a unique symbol that reminds you of Bebe.
Tone up from existing color to make it more vivid and full of energy


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