TheHi Co., Ltd.

Creating health, pleasure and convenience
Introducing The High, a global lifestyle company

TheHi Co., Ltd. is leaping forward as a global food and BIO company through endless challenges and innovation.

We will develop into a global lifestyle company that practices consumer-centered management with DNA of change and innovation and creates health, pleasure and convenience.

The best company to know Korean food

TheHi Co., Ltd. is based on the endless curiosity, passion, and long experience of Korean food.
We are completing a Korean franchise company.

We bring delicious pleasure to the dining table of the world.

K-Food combines local food with Korean food to globalize Korean flavors,
We want to share a healthy and convenient lifestyle.

Green BIO technology innovation opens up a
global environment

Technologies that get from nature and return to nature,
Healthy Earth This is what CJ CheilJedang thinks
It is the philosophy of BIO business.

Create a world that grows with a global community

In order to realize a society where we can do the best and live together in areas where we can do the best, we are implementing social contribution activities with the goal of ‘promoting people’s healthy eating,’ ‘preserving the environment’s environmental ecosystem’ and ‘realizing youth dreams’. .

Group to create a happy life

We are together