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베러맘과 함께 대한사회복지회 후원
신제품 쏙쏙미니롤 출시
신제품 피톤치드 손소독제출시
신제품 말랭뽀짝 복숭아 출시


CJ  Product101 TOP11 Selection
Oliveyoung (get in Online&Offline
Sponsor of relief goods to the Korea Welfare Services
New Steamed Sweet Potatoes Launched
2020 Gwangju Metropolitan City Award for Outstanding Small and Medium Business
2020 Family Friendly Certification Company Selected by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
2020 Korea Brand Value Evaluatuion 1st
2020 Korea Trust Management Index 1st


Exported to USA (LA, Koreatown)
Korea Consumer Award (Global Best Company Division)
OEM production of valley
Bon Oem OEM Production
Site contract for the 2nd factory (Pyeongdong 3 district)
Thailand export
Achieved 200 kids cafes and pharmacies nationwide


Completed construction of the second plant (HACCP plant)
Participated in Thailand Fair
Acquired HACCP Certification
Acquired ISO22000 certification
Malaysia export
Shanghai export to China
Pororo OEM
Cocomong OEM
2 Shinsegae Department Stores
Export to Beijing, China
Entered duty free shop at Incheon Airport
Entered five NC department stores


OEM Delivery Contract (Nature Grain)
2017 Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (Baby Snack)
Capital increase (700,000,000 won)
Brand renewal and package front replacement
Organic processed food acquisition
Participation in Baby Fair and Childcare Fair
Participated in Southeast Asia Market Development Group
Signed MOU with Malaysia buyer
Hong Kong Export
Singapore export
Started construction of the second factory


Established The Hi Co., Ltd.
Moved to the first factory and expanded the production line
Certified Organic Processed Food
Completion of new building
OEM supply contract (rice village, N rice village, kids wheat, etc.)
Participated in the Tokyo Fair
Signed MOU with Vietnamese buyers


Child’s skin problem starts developing sweets
Development of Tteokbokki Cookie Shape and Taste
Around tasting and fair
Create stickers and buy envelopes Start selling personal
Completed development of Tteokbokki and prepares bags and online sales
Start selling online and delivery OEM (Navi)